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Welcome to our website! Kondo Piano School is a private piano school in Konan-ku, Yokohama city. We are open to students of all ages and all nationalities.

If you wish to experience the best fun and excitement, the best education possible, develop great personality, character and skills that can enrich your life, we will guide you to wonderful music world through the finest piano lessons.

Playing the piano is an inspiring, relaxing, enriching and rewarding experience that helps you open yourself at any age. The real effect, however, differs a lot depending on how to learn.
To open your full potential in this process, our school make every effort to motivate and stimulate you emotionally and intellectually, giving positive, creative and intensive lessons in a friendly atmosphere. Teacher is always there to empower your skills and support your dream.

Learning piano is not only for basic techniques and musical talent, but also for problem-solving, time management, patience, confidence, joy of achievement, matured and warm-hearted spirit, which are all useful experiences in many areas of life. Music are always waiting for you with us to give various possibilities of your fruitful life.

So if you have a interest or love for music, let's try to make first step with our FREE consultation! We hope to get your contact from bellow, and you will discover your meaningful journey with us!

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Lesson Courses

In order to fit each student's purpose and learning style, we offer various sorts of lesson course. All lesson courses are given in our lesson room. Students' family are welcomed to watch lessons.

 Plan 1: 40-50min. 3 times a month lessons, 7000-8500JPY monthly paid. Lesson length and lesson fee differs as the student progresses.

 Plan 2: 40-50min. alternate weeks lessons, 5500-6300JPY monthly paid. Lesson length and lesson fee differs as the student progresses.

 Plan 3: 30-60min. free-arranged lesson, 3000-6000JPY paid lesson by lesson. Lesson fee differs with the lesson length.

 Plan 4: 60min. free-arranged lesson (professional level), 6500JPY paid lesson by lesson.

◆ Enroll fee of 2000JPY is required in Plan 1 and Plan 2.

Lesson Room

Good, sensitive pianos and relaxed atmosphere help your development of skills grealtly. Our lesson room has 2 grand pianos -Yamaha G3 and Steinway&Sons Type O-, which teach students how to listen and search for the sound of good quality. At the same time, students can learn pieces for 2 pianos, ensemble etc. in woody floored large space where they can also deepen their study into expression by various techniques, to be even more effective in concert halls.
Besides, the room is equiped with high-quality audio devices and thousands of recordings which are used for students' study necessities.


All students have occasions to perform at our student concert, every 1-2 years. The dicipline, patience and tedious work for the stage promise great development in students' skills and mental maturity.
We also encourage students to perticipate in piano competitions. Teacher will support them with full intention and additional lessons.


Saori Kondo

Saori Kondo
Raised in musical family, Saori has been dedicated to share the gift of music with various people in the world.
After receiving Bachelor's degree in Toho Gakuen College of Music in Tokyo, she was specially given the scholarship from Yamaha Music Foundation in Japan which supported her study in Royal Conservatory in the Hague, the Netherlands and eventually great success as a professional pianist and sophisticated researcher with Master's degree.
Experiences of studies with world-famous pianists in international top level have enrich her music carrier as performer and awaken her desire to lead young musical talents. She has offered private lessons towards children to matured music lovers for 10 years, meanwhile, she also continues her music career performing in concerts, recitals, festivals, with national and international orchestras such as Het Brabants Orchestra in the Netherlands.
Saori is also a winner of Tosu Piano Competition, Petrof Piano Competition, Sakai Internatinal Competition, International Competition Pietro Argento in Italy etc. Her life-long love and passion for music is conveyed by impressive performance and well-thought teaching to others, which make people explore the eternal wonder of humanity.

Contact Us

For further infomation and to get our free consultation, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone! (Note that we sometimes are unable to answer you during the lesson hours.)
Our school has a parking space that you can drive from your residence. By train, you will reach us from 'Higashitotsuka' of JR Line, 'Kaminagaya' or 'Shimanagaya' of Yokohama City Underground and 'Kamioooka' of Keikyu Line. The Google Map is bellow.

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Address: 1-27-5 Shimonagaya Konan-ku Yokohama City
Tel/Fax: 045-824-7423
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